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标题: Connecting Sanyo 43" LED to Projector [打印本页]

作者: Williamhawk    时间: 2018-8-5 12:46     标题: Connecting Sanyo 43" LED to Projector

Hi there,

I have a Sanyo XT-43S7100F TV that has HDMI inputs from my Set top box and Amazon Fire Stick. It also has composite input from my DVD player. I want to take an output from the TV to my projector so I can watch on a larger screen. The only provision is an AV out (composite). However, when I connect I do not get any picture when I chose an HDMI input. If I chose the DVD player (composite video) input, I get the picture on the projector. I complained to Sanyo and a technician visited and told me that the AV out only works for composite in and not for HDMI inputs. Is that truly the case? How can I view the HDMI inputs on my projector? Thanks in advance for any suggestions??

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